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Website Content Writing

How important is website content writing?

website content writingRegarding website content writing and the importance of it in terms of getting your website well ranked, the short answer is that it is absolutely essential. In fact, website content is one of the most important components of your website, together with good inbound links from niche websites.

Why is web content important?

If we think about it logically, when someone is searching for information the search engines have to return relevant information. How does a search engine return relevant information to a searcher? The search engines have to find the relevant information. Where do they find relevant information? On websites that have the content, or information. Simple really!

Now, when we consider that there are millions of websites in cyberspace, we can understand that if our website is not rich in website content it will simply be lost. If Google considers a 200-page website “small” you then understand how much information you need on your website to help it stand out in the crowd.

It is important to understand the nature of the website content beast. Content for the web has to be written in a certain way. It has to be written technically so that search engines will find it, and it has to be written so that visitors will read it if it is found. There are some important rules for web content writing:

How do I write web content?

  • Website content must be fresh and unique
  • Never copy and paste anything from the web, trying to pass it off as your unique website content, you will be penalised by search engines (Yes, they know!)
  • Web content must be relative to your website niche (for example, if you are selling children’s toys then write about the subject of toys)
  • Always use at least one H1 heading on each article
  • Learn how to use keywords within content (lists of keywords no longer work, they must be written into the content)
  • Figure out the best keywords to use, do research
  • Write content (web articles) of at least 500 words on each subject
  • Create links within content, internal links and outbound links

There is more to content writing for websites, but I cannot give away all the secrets! Website content writers would be out of business.

The fact is that writing content for websites has become very technical. It is difficult to write technically, with search engines in mind, and to write in an interesting way so that visitors will be interested enough to read what we have to say. Content writing for websites has become competitive, but few content writers have the skill to hook both algorithms and humans. Many content writers sit in countries where English is not their mother tongue, and the results of their poor writing skills is obvious. They may, perhaps, get the technical aspects of website content correct, but not many visitors to the website will be interested in reading poor English. If visitors are not engaged, they will not click and become a possible client. What you ultimately want is clients or visitors coming to you through your website.

To summarise about content writing for the web:

  • Write as many articles for your website as you possibly can
  • If you don’t have time to write¬† content for your website, engage a good website content writer
  • Make sure the web content is fresh and unique to your website
  • Ensure all content for your website is correctly written
  • Engage your reader

It requires (sigh) a lot of work to get websites noticed these days. The competition is huge and growing by the day. Keep ahead of the pack by working on your website or get someone with the knowledge to do it for you.

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