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Website content is the most important element of SEO

Web content writing, content writers, writing for websitesWebsite content has come into its own, finally! Since we now know that content is so important, let us take a look at what good content is so that you can optimise your website for the best possible results.

The simple fact is that websites with good content will manage without brilliant search engine optimisation (SEO). On the other hand, a website that has little content, or badly written content, will not thrive even if it has been search engine optimised.

What is good website content?

Web content must be original and fresh. You must not copy content from the web and paste it into your website as this will in all probability lead to search engines banning your website. Plagiarising is considered a serious offence by search engines. It is difficult to get your website reinstated if it is blacklisted. My research shows that Google will accept 37% unoriginal content, but I try to keep content below 15% unoriginal. With so much information on the web, it is difficult not to have some unoriginal content. If you are worried about unoriginal content on your website, check it on a website such as Grammarly.

If you have written content for your website do not post it on any other website. Even though it is unique content owned by you, it cannot be posted on another website.

A good content writer will remember to link internally (telling search engines that the content had human intervention) and link externally where necessary.

Good content is well-written for human visitors as well as technically written for search engines.

Keywords in content

Content must include keywords. Keywords are placed in article titles, in headings and at the beginning of the first paragraph in the content. Keywords are also scattered throughout the content. When considering which keywords to use, try to imagine what people are searching for, and which words or phrases they might use to search. You cannot catch every person who is searching, but you will snag some!

What is included in good content?

Good content includes:

  • Well-written text of approximately 500 words or more
  • Images with alternative meta-tags that tell search engines what the images is (search engines cannot read images)
  • Videos with text added if possible
  • Presentations with a description of the presentation

Good content must be engaging. Keep your eye on the technicalities of writing for search engines but don’t lose sight of the fact that you also need to engage human visitors. Content that is well written and snappy is likely to be read. Visitors have little time and patience so you need headings, bullets, some white space and some bold type. A page of bland grey is not engaging. Search engines also like headings and bold type here and there. Headings tell search engines that what you are writing is important.

Useful content is important

The best-written content will be of no use to your website if it is not useful for the reader. If someone is searching for information, they want the information served to them, they do not want content stuffed with keywords that are difficult to read. Do your research, know your subject. Useful content is more likely to turn your visitor into a client for your business.

Enjoy your content writing and if you need an expert content writer to improve your website ranking, contact us. We can help bring in clicks and clients to your website.

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