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Web marketing and Penguin 2.0; good web content and inbound links are essential

Web marketing is in a state of change once again, oh me oh my, what is Google doing to us defenceless web marketers and businesses online? Algorithms get a little tweak here and there by the search engines but those “little tweaks” can devastate a business, let alone the online web marketer!

Web content and inbound links are needed for good web marketing strategy

Many sites have seen their page rankings plummet instantly in the wake of the release of Penguin 2.0. A common, across the board factor, is that websites which lost SEO rank also had very thin content. So, what does the Penguin 2.0 mean? It is simple really: content, content and links, links. However, content must be unique and fresh. Content for websites must be well written and also written for humans as well as search engines. Content written for websites must never, ever be plagiarized (copied) from anything on the web.  Writing for monsters such as search engine crawlers as well as humans requires some skill and technical knowledge but it will take some time before the majority wake up to this fact.

The Google Penguin 2.0 update also seems to have targeted paid placements and web marketers who targeted this type of web marketing have seen their client’s ranking drop to oblivion.

It seems that canonical tags are another factor to be taken into account when determining which sites survived the changes.

In the past, the lack of fresh and unique content on a website could be overcome. Now search engines are responding to what searchers want. The most reliable way for a search engine to give an online searcher what they require is for the search engine to serve up a website which contains well written, helpful, fresh and unique content. It certainly makes sense to me. I believe that good content will always be an integral and necessary component of websites and web marketing. As a journalist and writer of web content this makes me really happy but I feel for those poor souls who dislike writing or simply feel they cannot write. Ah well, one man’s meat is another’s poison as they say and at least this opens a new avenue for writers. Certainly writing content for websites is not always creative writing but it can help keep the wolf from the door!

Content writing also includes link building which is essential when it comes to SEO. In the pre-Penguin 2.0 days paid programmes meant that companies could climb search engine rankings. Those days are gone because Google now considers this “black hat” marketing and since Google brings in 80% of search enquiries we don’t want to argue with Google, do we?

For the “small business” enclave the recent Penguin 2.0 release could bring havoc. Many tried and tested methods have to be abandoned. This is all just one facet of the disruptive technology sweeping the world. Our businesses have to adjust and adapt or die.

This means webmasters have to create fresh and unique web content. We have to create blogs (we know search engines love WordPress because of the blogging component).  We must promote our web customers using innovative white hat search methods. Clients, on the other hand, must accept that they need to budget for content writing and link-building through their blogs, content for their own websites and article submissions. Also to be taken into account is the inclusion of localised information on websites which is useful to searchers.

To summarise:

  • Write blogs for your own website and other websites with backlinks to your website
  • Write fresh and unique content for your website (no copying from anything on the web)
  • Write for humans and search engines (yes, really!)
  • Submit well written articles to big and reliable article submission websites with links back to your website
  • If you don’t want to write or don’t have time to write then pay a web content writer to write for your website

Finally, websites must be focused on the user experience. It all makes perfect sense. Search engines want to deliver the most useful information to the searcher. Make sure your website complies with “white hat” marketing practices, build your online presence slowly but surely, engage reliable people to help you and it will pay dividends in the end.

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