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Web Hosting and Domain Registrations

We keep it simple. R89 for 1500MB data transfer + 1G disk space + up to 5 email addresses

Our website hosting including up to 5 email addresses costs from R89 per month for 1500MB DATA TRANSFER and 1G DISK SPACE. This is as much as most websites need.

Sure, we could give you a cheaper price but you would not be happy because that would mean you would either not have enough data transfer or you would not have enough disk space.

If you don’t have enough data transfer or disk space you will have problems; your website will crash and your emails will crash. 



.co.za costs R150 to register

.com costs R200 to register

Starter Websites that work for you

self manage websiteOur Starter Website Package at R6900 is a good way to get a professional website! Save money with a website you can manage yourself. We can manage your website for a fee of R350 per hour if you don't want to manage the website yourself. Enter your contact details and we will get back to you.

Free advice on web marketing and SEO

Free web marketing and SEO adviceTake advantage of our special offer of free advice (1 hour) on web marketing & SEO with our Business Website Starter Pack. Websites only work if you work for them! Enter your contact details and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If we do not get back to you, please check that you have sent us the correct contact details.

Free email addresses if we host your website

eMail addressesUp to 5 free email addresses with your hosting if we host your website. 1500MB data transfer (solid amount!) + 1GB disk space. Sure, you can get free email addresses but this way you have your business name which looks more professional and reliable to potential customers than a yahoo or gmail address. Enter your contact details.
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