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How do I build a website to bring in clients and money?

website design in south africaBuild a website and bring in visitors and clients

To start with your website should:

  • Be built on a reliable platform
  • Your webmaster should be versed in how to optimise the website for search engines.
  • Your website must be rich in relevant content (articles) which are unique and fresh.
  • Inbound links to your website are essential because search engines gauge the popularity of a website by how many inbound links it has. After Penguin algorithm updates, it is important that inbound links are “natural”.
  • These days it is essential to market websites either with organic web marketing or other methods of web marketing (Pay Per Click or Facebook for example)
  • Old fashioned marketing can still be employed to good advantage but now newspaper/magazine advertisements can be shorter because the information can be accessed on websites

Build a website – it is one of the cheapest tools you can use to market and promote your business

It is a fact that marketing your product is much easier and cheaper now that we have the internet. It is quick and easy to make changes and adjust prices. A website is not very expensive to have constructed and they last an awfully long time if you take care of them. Your website can be an excellent tool if you are prepared to work on it and set aside a budget for website marketing. Your efforts will be rewarded.

If you are considering having a website designed take a little time to do your homework. Check prices for website construction, certainly, but make sure you compare using the same specifications so that you are comparing “apples with apples” and not “apples with pears”!

The cheapest website is often not the best website

As with most important things we buy, don’t always go for the cheapest website price. Make sure that you weigh up the professionalism of the website developer against the cost of the finished website. Ask the company you are considering engaging tough questions and always ask for examples of work done as well as references from past clients. What you want from a website is a tool which can bring in clients or visitors. If your website is not properly constructed and search engine optimised you don’t have a chance of promoting it.

Self-manage websites save money in the long term

Consider having a self-manage website constructed so that you are in control of your own website. Being in control of your own website does not mean you have to learn everything about website design and development but your webmaster should guide you so that you know how to login to make simple changes such as price alterations and images changes and updates.

Definitely consider having a blog as a feature on your website because it is on the blog that you can write your articles which are essential for web marketing and getting your website found online by the search engines. You may feel that writing content (or articles) for your website is daunting but it is not. After a little research and some practice you will become good enough for the purpose of promoting your website. If you don’t have the time or interest to write your own blogs/ articles / website content then you can always engage someone else to do it.

Promote your website so that it is found online by search engines and it brings in clients

Simply having a website constructed and published is no longer enough. Nowadays you have to promote your website. You can promote it yourself by learning how (quite a science!) or you can engage someone to promote your website for you so that the search engines find you online.

To sum up

  • Get comparative prices giving the same specifications to all companies you want a quote from
  • Don’t always go for the cheapest website prices
  • Get references and examples from the potential website designer
  • Consider having a self-manage website constructed, you will save money in the long term
  • Have a blog possibility on your website
  • Remember that just having a website is not enough, you have to work on it so it will work for you!

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