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SEO Checklist – optimise your website correctly so that search engines find your website

SEO ChecklistSearch engine optimisation (SEO) is an essential basic for all websites. If you have never constructed a website and you want a website that brings in visitors you are well advised to find a professional web developer to develop your website. The construction of websites has become ever more complicated. Whether you decide to develop your own website or engage a web developer, the SEO checklist below will help you. I recommend you check your developer’s knowledge before embarking on your website project. Not all developers are equal, some are better than others and some are, well, just chancers.

A cheap website price does not necessarily mean you won’t get a good website but caveat emptor (buyer beware!).

Follow our SEO Checklist for best results for your website:

  1. Content is unique, well-written and of good quality
  2. Keywords or key phrase is in headings and page title
  3. Keywords are sprinkled throughout the text and repeated between three and ten times
  4. Do not overdo the keywords. Keyword stuffing your website may get it targeted as spam. Readers become irritated with keyword stuffing
  5. Include images in the web content and make the images relevant to the text
  6. If possible also include videos or presentations in web content
  7. Use the Alternative (alt) tag for all images
  8. If you include videos or presentations give a written description of them including your chosen keywords
  9. If optimising for a specific city or country include the names in the website content
  10. Search engines downgrade for bad grammar so use a grammar check
  11. Write your meta-description to give potential visitors a snippet of information to entice them to click on your website, keep it to 150 characters
  12. All pages should have a title tag in HTML which includes your target keywords. The title tag should be maximum 70 characters
  13. Tie together the internal pages on your website by linking them to relevant pages, this definitely helps with the optimising of websites
  14. Use external (outbound) links with care, if you have too many you may be penalised by search engines. Outbound links are best linked to websites relevant to the topic of the website page
  15. If you are developing a mobile website make sure your web developer codes it correctly for search engines to recognise it as mobile

If you write engaging website copy and you follow the SEO checklist the chances are you will have a well-functioning website. Once your website foundation is set, start writing and writing… you cannot have too much content on your website. Write an article a day if you can. If writing does not interest you then engage a good content writer.

A professional web developer should give you full attention while working on your website project. He or she should have a sound knowledge of SEO. It is not necessary to break your bank account to pay for your website but you do need a web developer with experience and good references. Ask to see references and website examples.

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