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How much does professional website content writing cost?

The cost of professional website content ranges wildly. The difference in the price of web content writing is so enormous that some content writers charge the equivalent of a small car to write one landing page and some charge the equivalent of a dinner out! After researching the web on this very subject, I came to the conclusion that anyone searching for a professional web content writer would be very confused.

I had to stop myself from choking when I read that, for a landing page of approximately 450 words, some web content writers charge up to R200,000.00 (YES! two hundred thousand Rand or $25,000). I find it hard to justify that kind of pricing, no matter how good the writing is. Some professional website writers insist that their brilliant content will bring in the visitors, and they will all spend pots of money on your website. Admittedly, content has to be well written but how many websites are going to get a return on that kind of investment? A landing page is not the only page on websites and the landing page alone is not going to do all the work in terms of bringing in visitors to the website.

All pages on your website need to be well written. Your content writer must understand how to use keywords in the content in a way that satisfies search engines and engages the visitors when they land on your website.  In addition, you need many pages, or posts/blogs, and a mountain of information on your website before search engines will give your website the time of day. My suggestion is you look for a good content writer at an affordable price, or you will be out of business before you get your first visitor to your website!

So, How much does professional website content writing cost? What should I pay for web content writing?

When you search for a web content writer, you will need to look at price versus quality. There are many content writers who write articles for websites that are not even native speakers in the language you require. Large content writing firms often sub-contract their work to writers in India and other foreign countries. Don’t make the mistake of using these writers. In South Africa, it is possible to have good content written by a native speaking professional for around R400 – R1000 per 500 words.

Before you engage a content writer ask to see samples of their work and ask to see some testimonials. Weigh up the quality of their writing compared to what they charge and opt for what fits your budget. It is important to have a lot of content on your website and, yes, it needs to be well written but unless you are a major corporation with plenty of cash to throw around find a web content writer who will give you affordable quality and quantity.

To sum up,when asking the question “How much does professional website content writing cost?” don’t go for the cheapest price for web content writing but neither do you have to choose the most expensive content writer. You can get quality at reasonable prices if you do your research.

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