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Copy writing (or writing content) to promote your own website

Copy writing is all about writing content for your website. Content is Information and information is something we can all give away for free. Think of information as a gift you give to your readers. If the information you give them is interesting, helpful and worth something to them your readers will come back for more.  It is interesting how the internet works; you give valuable information for free and you get people clicking on your website. The more people who click the more traction your website gets and the more potential clients your website will draw… do you get the idea? It is wonderful, really.

Share your knowledge

You may ask yourself what information you can give for free. You know your business and your website is the gateway to your business. Write about what you know for the content of your website. If you are willing to be generous with your information you will eventually build trust and your website and your business will grow.

There may be issues that you need to research in order to write content for websites even though you are writing about a field you know quite well. This is an interesting way of learning more about your own business while sharing knowledge and growing your website.

How to write content for websites

You will need to study up on how to write content for your website. For example you will need to know that your headings are important and they should be keyword rich. Your first paragraph should be keyword rich and keywords should be scattered throughout your content (or article). Be careful not to “keyword stuff”, in other words don’t overdo the keywords. Keep in mind that you have to write for humans and search engines! If sounds crazy that we have to write for search engines such as Google but that’s the way it works nowadays!

Research your keywords; there are various tools to help you such as Google Keyword Planner. Try to imagine what keywords or key phrases people will be searching for when looking for the product or service you provide. Do your best to write copy that will be interesting for people to read, don’t only concentrate on search engines.

Break up your content so that you don’t have a page of grey type. Search engines like bold headings and people get bored with too much grey type and it can also seem overwhelming to the reader.

In summary

  • Write for humans as well as search engines
  • Remember keywords and key phrases
  • Don’t “keyword-stuff”; your website content should make sense to your readers
  • Bold headings
  • Giving away information/knowledge can be good for your website


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